Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I just finished this "wee" fairy, and have decided she is absolutely the smallest fairy I can create! She is the second tiny fairy I have created since I scaled down my design of what I already thought was the tinest figure I could create and still be able to get a good face.

This may not seem small to those artists who create their tiny fantasy fairies out of clays, but when working with fabric, it is quite tiny. Her face measures .50" wide x .75" long. I've found it actually takes me longer to create a tiny fairy such as this than when working with a larger size figure.

Since I love a challenge, I will be creating several more in this size! To learn more about her, click on any of her photos.

The photo below shows the very first of my teeny, tiny fairies, and her face was even a bit smaller, which was almost impossible to do. It measured a little less than .50" wide and a tad more than .50" high. After attempting that size, I increased the face a wee bit.

2.75" high from her "seat" to the top of her head.

Here she is sitting with several of my other size fairies. The Fairy Bride on the left is my middle size fairy and measures approximately 4.5" high from her seat to the top of her head. The little yellow sitting fairy is what used to be my smallest fairy.


ennadoolf said...

Adorable!! I love that size!! I think its my new favourite! :D


Thanks for your comment, Anne

They look even smaller in person.

potionprincess said...

omg I love them-their so beautiful.

Bonzai Beadwear said...

i love the wee fairy! beautiful work!

jenglo said...

Wow, so tiny! Great work, Donna!


Thanks, everyone, for your lovely comments. Can't wait to try another "wee" one.