Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm looking for help.....and suggestions as to what you, the readers of my DZFANTASY blog, would like to see for my next giveaway!

I've been having monthly "giveaways" for over a year now, there have been giveaways for mermaids, fairies, fairy face pins, butterfly pins, butterflies....WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE FOR THE NEXT DZFANTASY GIVEAWAY! Help me decide.

I'm considering having a "WINNER"S CHOICE" giveaway, where the winner would be able to select any one item in my shop with a value of $50.00 or less. That could mean the winner would have an opportunity to choose a tiny fairy, mermaid, fairy face pin, and more! Any comments on this idea?? Let me know!

Hope you will take time to comment here with some suggestions, as to what everyone would like to see next. You can also visit my DZFANTASY shop by clicking on the "pink fairy" photo below to get a better idea of what is available.

Hope to hear from everyone! THANKS!

I will also be hosting several great "giveaways" from other Etsy artists starting in September.

If there are any Etsy shop owners that would like to have me "host" a giveaway for them, please contact me either via a convo through my DZFANTASY shop, or at this email:


paintingpam said...

Hey, DZ,

I love your sculpted face pins the best. They have such wonderful personalities.


Thanks, paintingpam, for leaving a comment!

jenglo said...

Hey DZ,
Your tiny fairies are fantastic! I'd vote for them. :)


Nice to hear from you JENGLO! Thanks for commenting, and the compliment.

Elaine said...

I also love the face pins, but here's a suggestion. How about the up to $50 idea OR $50 towards a more expensive item. Right now I might be able to deal with a $75 fairy, even though it was wonderful, but if I won and it only cost $25 out of pocket, I might feel very differently.

ennadoolf said...

I love them all. I wonder if you change it each month - that way everyone will keep checking back to see what it is! The winner's choice is a good idea too. :)


Thanks for your ideas, Elaine and

I was also considering the $50.00 gift certificate idea toward any item in my shop!

Keep the ideas coming. I'm looking at doing the next giveaway from 9/19 - 10/19.