Sunday, July 19, 2009


Metal sculpture among the flowers.

This morning when my husband and I were trying to decide where we could go today, I suggested that we pay a visit to the Boerner Botanical Gardens, so that I could take some "closeups" of flowers. While that isn't as much his idea of fun as it is mine, he agreed to go!

The flowers and plants were so gorgeous, so I've added some of the photos out here for all to enjoy. I took over 95 photos, and will be sharing more of them from time to time. I do hope you enjoy beautiful "mother nature" in all her glory!

This is the biggest hibiscus flower I've ever seen. This was the only bloom on the whole plant.

A stone sculpture entitled "BLOSSOM"

One of several dozens of different tpyes of "lilies"! So exquisite!

I loved the fluffy green plants behind the statue.

Gorgeous white roses with hints of pink!

It is hard to tell from the photo, but a tiny humming bird had landed on the top of this sculpture. It sat there for quite a while.

The little speck up there on the man's hat, is the humming bird!

Praying Mantas iron sculpture

The pale greens of this plant with the flowers surrounding it, really made it stand out!

There were so many varieties of "lilies!!

I hope you enjoyed the photos. All these gorgeous flower photos gave me a new idea, which I hope to have out in my Etsy shop soon. A fairy (in colors to match the flower) and a photo grouping....might even add a tiny fabric butterfly! What do you think!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Gorgeous pictures! I haven't been there in years, actually before my youngest was even born! I think we just might have to take a trip out there :)


Thanks for your comment, Melissa. It was really beautiful there today! I hadn't been for a while either.

Mike Kmiotek said...

Hi, I just came across your site and want to say hi. I made the sculptures you have featured here, I have more on

Glad you like them.