Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FUZZB.COM...Looking for a great place to shop, sell, network and more?

What's the buzz on FUZZB.COM? FUZZY BLUE SLIPPERS or FUZZB is a delightful, fairly new (about 1 year old) site where you can SHOP, SELL, NETWORK and more! I heard about it through my membership on The Fairy Society Network, but just last week decided to open another DZFANTASY shop there.

Below is a sample of one of their styles of a shop widget (like Etsy's mini), which you can create, to add to your web site, blog, facebook, etc. They have 3 different styles and sizes you can select from. I have another style in my left hand column of this blog.

Selling options include: Opening a shop for $25.00/year - lifetime (limited time only), a $5.00 a month store (regular will be $15.95/mo) - lifetime (limited time only), and a FREE store, where you can list 10 items. (limited time only). There is also a SWAP feature, when setting up your items.

Since there are no fees other than the yearly shop fee of $25.o0, if you sign up in the first 10,000 shops, I am considering offering a savings to customers who buy at my FUZZB - DZFANTASY shop. More info will be coming soon.

The FUZZB site is not restricted to only hand-made items.

I decided to jump right in and do the $25.00 a year store for life. FUZZB offers a lot of options to sellers such as selling items auction style, or BUY IT NOW (no bids allowed), your own bulletins, blog posts, videos, store coupons, store events, uploading your photos, and more.

From what I've discoved so far, it will take a while to learn the "in and outs" of sellling on FUZZB and all their offered features. However, it looks like a great site, so as I get more familiar with it, I will add additional posts out here on their many features.

One feature that stood out with me right away is the many "categories", and market places that one can list their work in.

If you'd like to learn more and see what they offer compared to other sites, click on the link below:


There are also a lot of great shops out shoppers take a look. Click on link below to arrive at:


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