Sunday, February 15, 2009


Baby Boots Custom Made Go-Go

Audrey, of KABOOGIE SHOES, on Etsy has the most delightful footwear for all the little people in your lives. Mom's and grandma's if you are looking for some really soft, fun style footware to put on those little one's feet, be sure to pay a visit to KABOOGIE SHOES. There you will find soft moccasins, baby boots, like the ones shown above, fleece shoes and more. They really are adorable!

Audrey designs footwear for ages 0-6 mos up to 18 - 24 mos. She also makes custom designed adult shoes, so if any of you adults out there are looking for hand-made, "comfy" sure to contact Audrey.

What led you to start creating your art/craft?

I've always crafted, always repurposed. It was bred into me. Mom was so creative with the very little we had, and dad is a sign painter, designer, builder, stained glass artist. I was taught there was nothing you couldn't make, with the materials and tools. And anything could be a material.

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

I settled on recycled suedes & leathers because fabric is not as durable, and, well, leather is cool. Hubby had an old bomber jacket, and being the cheapo that I am, I recycled it into a suede & corderoy baby quilt, and shoes for my 6th child. They were so stinkin' cute! Then I realized ALL those pieces people toss into the thrift shop bins get thrown into landfills or sent off in bulk to third world countries. An Ann Taylor skirt is a terrible thing to waste.

What aspect of creating your art/craft do you find the most enjoyable?

The end! LOL! I'm so impatient, I need to be able to finish it asap so I can do my little boogie shoe dance over how cute they are. I also love selling in person at shows, so I can watch people "ohhh" and "ahhh" over them. I also love the late nights, when all are sleeping, and I can work at a good clip with no interruptions!

If you had to choose one other medium in which to display your creativity, what would that be and why?

It would be wood. I've always loved to build, and my husband and I have designed and built many pieces in our home. I've built toddler furniture, frames, chairs, all kinds of things, as well as refinishing old furniture, in keeping with my "repurposing" roots. There is not ONE newly bought dresser in my home! All are refinished castoffs.

If you had to choose a fruit OR a vegetable to describe your art/craft, what would you choose, and why?

An ear of corn. Not very exciting, but corn is turned into so many products, from foodstuff to makeup, paperboard,'s the ultimate in versatility! Well, I turn so many products into shoes!

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art/craft?

I want people to see that just because it's a baby, doesn't mean they have to dress like a cartoon character. I love to see people dress their babies like they dress themselves. Cool, funky, no Sponge Bobs!! People tell me all the time how they wish I'd make shoes for them. Well, I will!! Just ask!

What advice do you have for other artists/crafters?

Shake it up. Think outside the box. Just because you make something 100,000 other people are making, doesn't mean it has to look the same. Don't limit your product to only that which YOU like. There's so many customers who may like your product but not it's style. Keep your eye on trends, but don't get stuck in them. Look at the design world around you for inspiration. I've gotten shoe and wristlet ideas from wallpaper. Keep a folder of tear sheets of colors, patterns and designs you love. It's an old designer trick from my days as an art director.

Audrey, thanks for a wonderful interview, and for sharing your delightful Kaboogie Shoes with everyone! It is also really great that you are creating your products using recyled materials.

To see more of Audrey's creations, be sure to visit her links below.





kaboogie said...

Thanks so much! I love your blog, so bright & wonderful! TYTYTYTYTY!

Lillie said...

I have purchased several pair of kaboogie shoes for the babies in my life. The shoes are amazing, they are cozy and warm for baby, and always well made and stylish. I love kaboogie shoes.

kaboogie said...

Thanks Lillie!!
One of my first customers! I also make shoes up to adult, custom sized to your exact measurements!